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"A personal nutrition expert in your pocket."

Shopwell is an iOS and Android apps that help you maintain a healthy diet and is especially useful if you are allergic to or want to avoid certain foods. The app delivers ratings for a wide variety of food items specific to your profile, helping you find healthier alternatives to foods you like to eat.

My Role

The visual design of the interface of a mobile application for iOS and Android.


One of the essential accents brought out by Shopwell team puts a deep focus on design. According to the client’s vision of the product needed to have the fun and entertaining feel and look. Bearing it in mind and setting the task to make the product trendy, clear and easy-to-use, I presented new visual concepts and featured new functional points the clients wanted to add to user experience.

Empty States

It’s the thing that somehow always gets left out or overlooked, but it is an opportunity to avoid users confusion and help them get what they want. Designing the Empty States I wanted users to stick around and not to quit whenever they see an empty screen and don’t know what to do. I also wanted to make sure that empty states are not only telling users what they are for, but they’re also giving the option to show how it works if you’re new to their app or lists feature and give you the options. Shopwell main color is green and we added a palette of other bright and complimentary colors to support the light and playful concept of the application. Bright graphics were designed to enhance the experience and make it more joyful.

  • Date:February-June 2016
  • Client:Shop Well
  • RoleUI/UX Designer


One of the decisions made to add some interesting visual features was the colorful icons to make empty states look interesting and attract user’s attention. Bringing in some personality keeps things light and fun which contributes to keeping the experience optimal. Delighting your users with a positive message, instead of just showing an atrocious error, will make your app more memorable and a pleasure to use. Funny and user-friendly characters were used in numerous funny illustrations which presenting a sort of entertaining element at the same time became the tool of informing the user about the issues or problems demanding attention.


We wanted our notifications to help users with timely alerts and reminders. Smart notifications will feel more like a note from your assistant or another human being. That why we wanted to make sure that they appear in a right time, and have some fun looking illustrations to make the experience smooth and nice. They shouldn’t interfere with what task the user needs to accomplish at any time, yet they should obviously still achieve their intended purpose of letting users know of something important that’s coming up.


To encourage the users to interact more with Shopwell application, we decide to add the game element such as a challenge, or My Mission. Users can earn cash with every mission or a quiz they complete.


We tried to keep our Onboarding process as short as possible. With a knowledge that "The average app loses 77% of its daily active users within the first 3 days post-install” we tried to reduce friction and make a small into of what an app does to a user. We also made sure to include a Skip button cause we don’t want to force unnecessary actions.

Apple Store Screenshots

Any app experience starts much earlier than a user downloads the app. It was important to set a playful tone to onboarding iTunes screens and fill them with color and a distinct personality. We also made sure that the screenshots are well presented and show off main features and purposes of the app.


I also had a chance to work on a Dashboard that represents most important data. Dashboard represents information month over month and gives Shop Well users an overview of trends, behaviors and patterns.


Though Shop Well project was mostly a visual redesign project, I changed the complete experience of the app by doing so. Making it brighter, friendlier and pleasing to look at.

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