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"IQBOXY automates the boring and tedious parts of accounting with 0 human intervention."

IQBoxy is a bookkeeper in your pocket, for businesses and freelancers, turning a pile of receipts and bills into organized and categorized data in real-time using machines.

My Role

For this project, co-founding team and I were a part of every step of the UX process.


This was a very exciting challenge for us. IQBoxys has a first of its kind who applied artificial intelligence to bookkeeping and accounting. When business owners decide to start their own business, usually bookkeeping is not part of the agenda. Later SMB owners realize that it’s an essential part of any business. With IQBoxy the process of business bookkeeping has effectively been revolutionized and our challenge was to automate the bookkeeping process and make it simple and seamless.

Emphasize with Users

There are two main types of IQBoxy users: small businesses and contractors. In my case study, I wanted to capture both sides. In order to get me thinking about all the different possibilities of why someone would use IQBoxy, I created a list of possible users, situations, motivations, and outcomes. This helped me understand the user’s behavior, mindset, needs, and goals.


  • Date:July 2016 - Current
  • Client:IQBoxy
  • RoleUI/UX Designer

Define the Problem

Stakeholder Interviews

I started of conducting interviews with small business owners. After conducting initial user testing we found out the following problems:

  • Users tend to loose their recipes and invoices
  • Manual reconciliation of bank statements is painful and time-consuming
  • Collaborating and sharing data with accountants is a process that tends to waste your resources, time and money.

Research Takeaways:

After I had a better understanding of user goals and behaviours, I have listed some key features of the app below in order to create low-fidelity wireframes.

  • Scanning of receipts and invoices.
  • Categorization of expenses.
  • Knowing where the business money is going
  • Reporting
  • Mileage tracking
  • Reconciliation of bank statements
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Expense approval
  • Sharing data with accountants

Ideate Solutions

After identifying the pain points, I was ready to start solving these issues. Sketching is a great way to get your thoughts on paper without being committed to a single design. I came up with a few potential solutions to the pain points and created wireframes. Peer feedback helped me to narrow down top ideas.

First Mockup
Second Mockup


Wireflows helped us to document the sequence of movements, steps, connections and interactions.

Measuring the Experience


I have been working on an innovative product with limited time, customer data, money and people resources.

  • Have the user run through a primary workflow without going off track.
  • Sign up easily with little effort on their part.
  • Move through the app seamlessly/continuous flow.

The findings

Looking back at our assumptions, these are the results:

  • All of the users felt confident during the taking pictures of receipts. They were able easily to find the camera section, take pictures of their recipes and successfully upload them to Documents.
  • The extracted information is enough to create financial and expense reports.
  • The assumption that users need to store loyalty cards was wrong. It was not needed for bookkeeping app and was removed.
  • At first account creation was a requirement. After user testing, we realized that it would be better to give a user a chance to play with the app before they feel comfortable creating an account.

We were happy with the results in general but there were still many things to fix and a few assumptions to validate.

IQBoxy Now

Today IQBoxy is a fast growing startup with 30% growth month over month. Cloud accounting has significantly improved bookkeeping for business owners.

Seems like you've reached the end 👏 Hope you enjoyed it!

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