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  • Visual Design

"A platform that helps target and launch high-performing ToFu campaigns at scale and intelligently optimize campaign portfolio across search, advertising and social channels."

My Role

As a member of a UX team, I participated in User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping and Visual Design phases. I led various design projects to evolve the service and address customer pain points related to the demand discoverability and creation of marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

It can take a lot of time-consuming, expensive guesswork for a marketing team to meet the goal of creating exactly the content buyers need to see. With Captora, take the guesswork out of marketing and strategically focus your resources on content-driven campaigns. Our challenge was to enter the highly competitive field with Captora's automated technology that provides the ability actively reducing the cost of acquiring new buyers while expanding top-of-funnel marketing.

The Approach

We were tasked to design and build an integrated digital marketing solution to find new quality buyers. The assumption was simple - with Captora, marketers will be able to execute and scale hundreds of consistent digital marketing campaigns to drive business outcomes across digital channels, thus meeting their buyer's expectations.

"We used various research methods constantly throughout the project to guide design decisions, priorities, and create empathy amongst our team?"

Surveys, interviews, and contextual inquiries help the team understand what marketers really want.

  • Date:December 2016 - Present
  • Client:Captora
  • RoleUI/UX Designer

Generating rough concepts

To get both conceptual and usability feedback, we tested using a mix of paper and Balsamiq prototypes. In a few rounds of tests, we tried over a dozen concepts. Here are a few most interesting examples:


Create a notifications system for the urgent information.
Principle: Reduce interruption
Decision: Inline expansion, to maintain the current context
Users Feedback: Mostly positive

Floating Action Button

Highlight the most relevant or frequently used action
Principle: Avoid mystery meat navigation
Decision: Devote FAB a primary function on a page.
Users Feedback: Loved it


As we started prototyping, we started to understand more and more about all the different elements. We also used the feedback we gathered to develop a very thorough journey map. Each prototype reveals a little more of the process and helped us to identify particularly challenging points.

Customer Insights

During the course of one year, we performed multiple user testings to identify areas of improvements, see if patterns that we use are intuitive enough, and to get an overall feedback from our users and stakeholders. These are the key features that our users requested:

What We've Learned

Request: Bulk Actions

Users Feedback Users want to use bulk editing as a convenient tool to batch process tasks. Bulk editing saves users' time and reduces muscle work.
Decision: Because bulk editing was not a principal feature, we decide to hide it from the main interface. The user can still find this action by interacting with the page. Once they click on any of the checkboxes, bulk action bar or bulk editing buttons pop up to let users know what they can do with the things they selected.

Request: Toggle

Users Feedback Users were not able to see the connections between a table and a toggle that switches it between one and two pane views.
Decision: We decided to more a toggle to the left side of the table, and after some additional user testing we got much better feedback.

Request: Action Icons

Users Feedback Action icons are not explanatory enough. Instead, users have to hover on them to find out.
Decision: Because icons are so open to interpretation, we decided to label buttons with what they do.

Design Language

Our team of four designers constantly worked together and with developers, however keeping the design of so complex web app consistent was not an easy task. To unite our design philosophies and methodologies across all our platforms we came up with 'Momentum', a design language that creates holistic methodologies and patterns. Introducing individual elements within a platform creates consistency at a higher level.

Make it simple, but significant

Here are some screens of the final design. B2B apps for many years were considered boring and unenjoyable, in Captora we tried to bring joy to a B2B app, making sure that each experience is polished, clean and intuitive.

Seems like you've reached the end 👏 Hope you enjoyed it!

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